1. Retrogaming

    Created by Jelo Zapanza

    Official art showcased at Graphika Manila 2013



  3. Photo by John Rawlings for Vogue, 1955


  4. Atari 1978

    A look inside an Atari 2800 Pac-Man Catridge

    Image by Dhruv Kamat 

    (Source: it8bit)


  5. Classic Controllers Connected to Other Devices  - by Roger Ibars

    Part of an exhibit fusing classic video game controllers to incompatible items such as alarm clocks, cellphones, and even other gaming systems. Check out the entire series at rogeribars.com

    via: gamovr

    (Source: it8bit)


  6. Leica CL with Canon 50mm f/0,95 






  11. California, nos veremos pronto!

    (Source: twelveplusways)


  12. Space Invaders - by Royston Vasey

    (Source: it8bit)


  13. (Source: ship-and-anchor)


  14. (Source: psychewound)