1. David Lynch while filming Blue Velvet (1986)


  2. Monster!



  4. The Statue of Liberty is in the foreground as warships move up the Hudson River past the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the New York Skyline in Operation Sail preliminaries, Saturday, July 3, 1976. Vessel at right sets up a spray of welcome at far right is the Empire State building. 





  8. William S. Burroughs by Marco Klefisch


  9. Lars Von Trier



  11. Continuity Polaroid of actress Shelley Duvall on the Apartment Bathroom set of The Shining.


  12. Sofia Coppola photographed by Sarah Dunn



  14. Okpo Land
    Okpo City, South Korea   

    The park was shut down in 1999 due to many mysterious fatal accidents in the park. The last fatal accident that occurred before the park was shut down was when a young girl tragically fell to her death on one of the rides in the park. Immediately following the accident, the owner of the park disappeared and was never heard from again. Even though the park is extremely creepy and has an unsettling back-story, it doesn’t stop adventurers from exploring and venturing through the park.