1. Star Trails: Incredible Long Exposure Photographs Shot from Space

    Over the past two months NASA has been releasing a number of wonderful long exposure photographs taken by astronaut Don Pettit aboard the International Space Station. 




  4. Super Moon? How About a Super Sun!

    “On May 5, 2012, while everyone else was waiting for the “Super Moon” astrophotographer Alan Friedman was out capturing this super image of a super Sun from his back yard in Buffalo, NY!

    Taken with a specialized telescope that can image the Sun in hydrogen alpha light, Alan’s photo shows the intricate detail of our home star’s chromosphere — the layer just above its “surface”, or photosphere.

    Prominences can be seen rising up from the Sun’s limb in several places, and long filaments — magnetically-suspended lines of plasma — arch across its face. The “fuzzy” texture is caused by smaller features called spicules and fibrils, which are short-lived spikes of magnetic fields that rapidly rise up from the surface of the Sun.

    On the left side it appears that a prominence may have had just detached from the Sun’s limb, as there’s a faint cloud of material suspended there.”




  7. illustration by David Delafunky


  8. Ed Valigursky: To the Tombaugh Station. Ace Double D-479 paperback cover, 1960.




  11. When We Was Fab

    illustrations by Gregory Manchess

    (via heyoscarwilde)



  13. February 20, 1962, John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit the earth.

    photograph via  x-ray_delta_one

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