1. Solstice, Aron Wiesenfeld


  2. Bundenko


  3. Surma boy. Omo Valley, Ethiopia by Hans Silvester



  5. The preparation for “Be the Inside of the Vase” performance by Echo Morgan


  6. Beyond the blinding videos, plastic sheen, and frank commerciality, South Korea’s pop industry has produced some of the most accomplished mainstream music of the past five years. Jakob Dorof highlights 20 Essential K-Pop Songs.


  7. The decorative sex


  8. When Walls Tell Stories, Julian Schulze


  9. Nightmares are dreams too, Can Pekdemir




  12. Fractals, Boris Draschoff


  13. KlarEm  Chiara Aime (Italy) - Death And Rebirth, 2014     Paintings: Watercolors on Rough Paper